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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading


My Celtic cross tarot reading with Thoth tarot cards in 2016.

Position 1

Celtic cross position 1: Heart in the past - everything emotional you dealt with in the past. The Devil - determination to see things in the outer world as they are and react accordingly. Ability to not succumb to judgement and opinions of others about you. Unusual sensuality and attractiveness. Sense of humour together with the ability to laugh at yourself.

Position 2

Celtic cross position 2: Heart at the present - everything emotional you are dealing with at the moment. The Seven of Swords represents a negative way of thinking, which causes frustration deep inside. You are determined to overcome your mind's tendency to create negative thinking patterns.

Position 3

Celtic cross position 3: Conscious mind - everything you are thinking about, your hope, individual issues, dreams. Two of Swords - the resolving of something involving two issues or situations, decisions or relationships. Understanding two polarities and their conscious merge, which creates harmony.

Position 4

Celtic cross position 4: Subconscious mind - everything it processes, everything that is missing at the conscious level. Two of Cups - deep emotional relationship, or strong family bonds. A certain form expressing creativity. The Two of Cups is a symbol of love. It is the purest form of love, which brings life into your veins and purifies with its innocence.

Position 5

Celtic cross position 5: Work - creativity, opportunities, obstacles. Eight of Disks - wisdom, coming out of the state of inner balance and integrity. The Eight of Pentacles represents wisdom and prudence.

Position 6

Celtic cross position 6: Ability to make decisions - the courage to an act and accept responsibility. Lust - feeling excited and happy about life and showing it. Creativity comes out on many levels, as well as the desire to find out more about life. Trying to fully express you creative potential.

Position 7

Celtic cross position 7: What comes from your work and creativity - can they be the cause of some sort of a breakthrough? The Hanged Man - you are ready to make a breakthrough in terms of old fashioned views, ideas and persuasion. Willingness to turn your life and also yourself upside down to gain new perspective in viewing routine behaviour patterns. Ability to give up, accept resignedly and open up to the unknown. Deep desire for a change.

Position 8

Celtic cross position 8: Relationships - deep emotional relationships. Ten of Wands - the suppressing of your self. The Ten of Wands represents inner repression. Your soul is suffering, because you are denying the aspects that make you a unique being, in order to consciously replace them by a form, which you want the people around you to like, be impressed by and get pleasure from.

Position 9

Celtic cross position 9: Hope and anxiety. Queen of Disks - a prudent approach to values, practicality. Attention to physical exercise, healthy diet and a natural environment. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you want to bring new order to your life.

Position 10

Celtic cross position 10: Natural behaviour. Queen of Wands - confidence, energy and idealism. The only target is to reveal your identity. If you are drawn towards this card, it means that you should look deeper into your soul.